ISO Congress 2014; through Transylvania to Bucharest

The sign-up form for ISO 2014 is here available. The deadline for the online registration and money transfer is 31 December 2013. See the bank address below.



Sibiu, Lutheran Church
Sibiu, Town Hall and Catholic Church

Arrival of the ISO board in Sibiu/Hermannstadt on Saturday, September 6th.

Please do not forget to make your own arrival and departure arrangements. Here you have some tips for that.

Day 1 (Sunday, September 7th)

Arrival of the ISO members in Sibiu/Hermannstadt.

2.00 PM meeting point in the entrance hall of the Ramada hotel free programme with optional town tour through the Old Town of Hermannstadt/ Sibiu
6.15 PM meeting point in the entrance hall of the Ramada hotel
6.30 PM official beginning of the congress: opening cocktail in the
”Atrium”, Town Hall, in presence of the Mayor of Sibiu
7.30 PM three churches, three religious confessions on one street, with
explanations provided by Mrs. Ursula Philippi,
a walk on foot from the Atrium to the hotel
- Roman Catholic Holy Trinity church: organ presentation:
Carl Hesse, 1860
- Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral: traditional chants sung
by a church choir
- Lutheran St. John’s church: organ presentations:
Sauer/ Walcker, 1926
Organ from the village of Kriegsdorf/ Hadad, 1866
9.00 PM Dinner and accommodation at the Ramada Hotel.

Cisnadie, the church with fortification.

Day 2 (Monday, September 8th)

8:00 AM breakfast
9:00 AM departure
9:30 AM Großau / Cristian: visiting the fortified church and the Johannes Hahn organ from 1775, impressive fortification, Gothic hall church, plague pulpit, altered, unrestored organ and storage for various organ parts on the galleries
11:00 AM departure
11:30 AM Hammersdorf / Gusterita: visiting the fortified church and the Melchior Achxs organ from 1792 old peasant-style village church with interior painting organ presentation
12:30 PM lunch in the fortified churchyard in Hammersdorf / Gusterita:
Project ”Church for Education and Environment“. Lunch buffet with products from the region in the churchyard or in the festivity hall of the former school.
2:00 PM departure
2:30 PM Heltau / Cisnădie: visiting the fortified church and the organs built by Wegenstein’s sons in 1944 and by Johannes Hahn jr. in 1793.
Impressive fortification with many particularities worth visiting and two organs
organ presentation
4.30 PM Michelsberg / Cisnădioara: visiting the fortified church and the organ built by an anonymous master Baroque village church from the 17th Century with wonderful Transylvanian Saxon peasant-style painting and one of the oldest organs
Coffee and cake at the Henning family in Michelsberg /
Cisnădioara, who serves home-baked traditional Hanklich (a typical Saxon cake). Presentation by Hermann Binder, organ builder in Hermannstadt / Sibiu
7:00 PM departure
8:30 PM dinner at the Hermania restaurant in Hermannstadt/ Sibiu

Biertan, fortified church
Organ in Mediasch, Johannes Hahn, 1755
Sighisoara, church and school on the hill.

Day 3 (Tuesday, September 9th)

07:30 AM breakfast
08:30 AM departure
09:30 AM Mediasch / Mediaș: visiting the fortifi ed church and the organ by Johannes Hahn, 1755 organ presentation
A coffee break is organised in the churchyard.
11:30 AM departure
12:30 PM lunch
2:00 PM Birthälm / Biertan: visiting the fortifi ed church and the Carl Hesse organ, 1869 organ presentation
3:30 PM ISO board conference takes place in the hall of the Bishop’s seat.
3:30 PM Alternative visit to the Gothic church in the neighbouring village (5 km) Reichesdorf / Richiș, guided church tour with Johannes Schaas, a Transylvanian Saxon who can recount history in a lively manner.
5:15 PM departure
7:00 PM Schäßburg / Sighișoara: organ concert on the Carl Schneider organ built in 1858, in the Hill Church in Schäßburg / Sighișoara
8:30 PM Dinner at the Binder Bubi hotel.
Accomodation at the BinderBubi hotel for a part of the participants; the other participants are accommodated at the Cavaler hotel.

Viscri, the fortification around the church
Archita, organ Samuel Joseph MAETZ, 1824

Day 4 (Wednesday, September 10th)

06:30 AM breakfast
08:00 AM train journey from Schäßburg / Sighișoara to Arkeden/ Archita
09:00 AM Arkeden / Archita: visiting the fortifi ed church and the organ unrestored Samuel Maetz organ built in 1824, organ presentation
10:45 AM departure
11:30 AM Deutsch-Kreuz / Criț, Johann Thois organ from 1813 organ presentation
1:30 PM departure
2:00 PM Deutsch-Weisskirch / Viscri: lunch with folk dance group from Reps/ Rupea
4:00 PM visiting the fortified church and 1817 Johann Thois organ presentation
5:00 PM departure
6:30 PM Kronstadt / Brașov check-in at the Aro Palace hotel
7:30 PM departure to Schulerau / Poiana Brașov: dinner at Coliba Haiducilor (the so-called Hut of the Hajduks)
cca. 10:30 PM departures to Kronstadt / Brașov at staggered intervals

Brasov, bird's eye view
Brasov, Carl August BUCHHOLZ organ, 1836

Day 5 (Thursday, September 11th)

07:30 AM breakfast
07:30 - 09:00 AM sales stall with books and CDs
08:30 AM town tour in Kronstadt / Brașov for about 1 hour on foot or
09:00 AM town tour in Kronstadt / Brașov for about 30 minutes on foot
09:30 AM guided visit to the Black Church, organ presentation: 4 organs are presented
- Carl August Buchholz, 1839
- organ from Passbusch / Posmuș: Carl Hesse (Vienna), 1861
- organ from Reps / Rupea: anonymous master (cca. 1699, probably earlier)
- organ from Hahnbach / Hamba: Wilhelm and Friedrich Maetz, 1837
1:00 PM lunch at the participants’ own expense in Kronstadt / Brașov
3:30 PM drive to Tartlau / Prejmer: visiting the fortified church concert: the Bach Youth Choir from Kronstadt / Brașov, conducted by Steffen Schlandt
5:45 PM departure
6:15 PM visiting the organ building training workshop COT in Honigberg / Hărman
6:45 PM dinner snack in the fortified churchyard and visiting the organ the fortified church in Honigberg / Hărman offers a unique environment for an unforgettable evening entertainment
7:30 PM 1799 Johannes Prause organ presentation
8:15 PM movie: Rebirth of a Baroque Organ, made by SC. Echofi lm SRL. Bucharest, financed by the Michael Schmidt Trust (MHS)
9:00 PM barbecue and other gastronomic delicacies are waiting for us in the transformed fortified church
cca. 11:00 PM departures to Kronstadt / Brașov at staggered intervals

Sinaia, Peles Palace

Day 6 (Friday, September 12th)

08:00 AM breakfast
09:00 AM departure
09:30 AM Rosenau/ Râșnov: 1781 Johannes Prause organ presentation, expanded by Johann Thois in 1824, or
drive to Törzburg/ Bran with visit to the ”Dracula“ Castle
11:00 AM departure
12:00 PM Sinaia: visit to Peleș Castle
1:30 PM lunch in Sinaia at the restaurant ”Taverna Sârbului“ (The Serb‘s Tavern)
3:30 PM departure to Bucharest
6:00 PM check-in at the Athenee Palace Hilton hotel
6:45 PM dinner snack at the hotel, sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in Romania
7:45 PM ISO concert on the 1929 C. L. Wegenstein organ, in the Roman Catholic St. Joseph’s Cathedral
8:35 PM departure in front of the church by bus to the restaurant
9:00 PM dinner at the ”Caru cu Bere“ (Beer Cart), one of the oldest traditional beer breweries in Bucharest

Bucharest, Palace of the Parliament (It was also known as House of the People)
Bucharest, the Athenaeum

Day 7 (Saturday, September 13th)

08:00 AM breakfast
09:00 AM city tour with the ISO bus: Casa Poporului (House of the People), Piața Unirii (Reunion Square), Atheneum
10:00 AM visit to the Roman Catholic St. Joseph’s Cathedral: organ presentation of the C. L. Wegenstein organ, built in 1929
11:30 AM walk to the Music Academy
11:45 AM Music Academy Bucharest, ”Enescu Hall“: fi rst new 2-keyboard instrument built by the training workshop S.C. COT SRL in Honigberg / Hărman organ presentation
10:30 AM until 3:30 PM As an alternative, the open-air village museum can be visited. Shuttle bus from the Athenee Palace Hilton hotel to the Museum
1:00 PM lunch: snack at the hotel
2:00 PM meeting of the ISO members in the conference hall at the Athenee Palace Hilton hotel
3:30 PM visiting the Lutheran church A.C. with two organs, Johannes Prause, 1796, a chir organ, and Walcker E.F. & Co. 1912, Opus 1708, which is unplayable organ presentation
coffee organised in the churchyard
4:30 PM Atheneum in Bucharest: visiting the impressive entrance hall in art nouveau style and the concert hall with the Oscar Walcker organ from 1939 organ presentation
7:00 PM closing banquet at the Athenee Palace Hilton, in the hall ”Le Diplomat“ welcome words by the Swiss ambassador Jean-Hubert Lebet live music with the Mahala Rai band

Day 8 (Sunday, September 14th)

End of the congress. Departure day.


End-price: 1680 Eur/person in a double room (4 star hotels). The additional cost for a single room is 210 Eur. We talk about twin - and double rooms just of logistical purpose. The price includes all the services (housing, meals, visits, transportation, guiding) as described above.

Your registration is finished after the money transfer. Please consider that all participants have to register online and transfer the money till 31 December 2013. Sing up now.

New payment schedule options:
- you can choose to pay the whole sum at the time of registration


- you can choose to pay a deposit of €300 before Dec 31 and the remainder by April 15.

New payment method:

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- by bank transfer
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The travel programme of the ISO 2014 Congress is still subject to change.

Further travelling tips.